Kodak DCS serial no. register
How many Kodak DCS cameras were made & is anybody interested enough in this piece of photographic history to find out?
Minolta RD-175/Agfa ActionCam
A nasty, plasticy DSLR for $8,500? There can't be many of those... Now including the doomed RD-3000
Sony Mavica
The original, professinal Still Video Mavica [MAgnetic VIdeo CAmera]
Canon RC Still Video
Canon's answer to the Mavica was the R[ealtime]C[apture] S[till] V[ideo] series
Canon EF 50mm f/1.0
With the biggest aperture of any 35mm SLR lens ever, they were always going to be expensive.
Canon 50mm f/0.95 'Dream' lens serial no. register
It seems to be common knowledge how many cameras were made, but how many of these amazing, large lenses were made? Hopefully this project will give an idea
Nikon E/Fuji DS digital cameras serial no. register