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Abyss, The

English title: ???
Country: USA
AKA: ???
Streetdate: ???
Year of production: 1989
Production Co.: ???
Director: James Cameron
Producer: ???
Writer: James Cameron
Photography: Mikael Salomon
Editor: ???
Music: Alan Silvestri
Narrator: ???

IMDb-ID: #96754
Added by: WankeringBill
Updated: 2007-03-02
Category: Misc
DeathDb-ID: 296

This film is in 1 collections
Technical details;
Original run time: ???
Audio: Stereo
Language: English
Subtitles: * None *
Aspect: 1.35:1
Color/BW: Color

Theatrical release
Tenuous I know, but the 'directors cut' of this movie features real death footage when Harris is in the 'alien' ship, including Nazi death camps & a real Vietnam execution
Disc releases:

  • PAL DVD; UK;
    CBS-FOX; [01988VDVD];
    Released as "Abyss, The";

    ??? mins.; 1 sides; 54 chapters;
    2.35:1 ;
    English language, with ??? subtitles;
    AC-3 Stereo 5.1 audio;


    DVD Region: 2 PAL
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